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slider7 wrote:
Hi everyone, I am new to this group and I just started training in aikido last week.
Well, welcome to Aikido and welcome to the forums!

slider7 wrote:

In two years time I will be going to university which will be away from home. Therefore, I will not be able to continue training at my local dojo until the term ends. Could anyone tell me how easy it is to pick up aikido again if you have a fairly gap of training in between (probably several months)? I could try and find a dojo in the university area - has anyone mixed dojos before? Is it confusing? Any other comments?

Thanks a lot
My advice is to do what you can to train while at the university. If you can't train at an Aikido club/dojo there, then do something related e.g.: judo, hapkido, etc. Failing that, get a video of your dojo's jo and ken kata and practice them diligently and get your instructor to check your progress on trips home for holidays.

After training for a year and a half, I had an nine month lapse for graduate school and it was almost like starting over. The only thing that helped was attending some seminars on weekends and hanging out on Aikido-L ( Plug, plug).

Some famous pianist said "When I skip practice for one day, I can tell; two days and my mother can tell; three days and anyone can tell!".

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