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Richard Harnack
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Do symbol That is actually the point

As an instructor, I feel it is part of my "job" to help the student to develop their understanding of Aikido.

I have had enough students over the years who show up the first night wanting to be "serious", and who pontificate on about how serious they are, yet when they discover that they have to do stretches and rolls, they stop coming because it does not fit their image of "serious budo".

I have also had students who had absolutely no idea what they were getting into when they started and quite possibly after 5 - 10 years of training they still are not certain, but they show up regularly to train.

I have noticed that aikidoka and other martial artists who insist on the idea that "if it doesn't hurt it isn't real" usually wind up training only with others of the same bent. What I do not accept is some such people saying that theirs is the only "true" way of training.

When one trains from the proper attitude and extending one's full awareness to one's partner, then one stands an excellent chance of learning.

When one is out to prove something, one usually proves it, but that does not necessarily mean it is correct.

Yours In Aiki,
Richard Harnack
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