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Re: New to Aikido

Sebastian Brukalo wrote:
I am considering two(below) schools. However as many of you know it is very hard to choose, even if I go (which I am planning on..) to visit them, I may still have trouble choosing. Therefore I am taking the opportunity of this forums to ask the following question:

Can anyone here tell me anything about those two dojos? Perhaps there are some members here who either know those schools or are themselves students there:
My experience leads me to believe that more important than anything is the instructor.

I have found that there is little point in worrying too much about which style you choose. If you visit other dojo within the organization, you'll find that there's a world of difference between the same technique.

If I were the one asking the question, I'd like the response to be "Look for the one instructor who's technique is what you want and is a person you'd like to be like."

I'd say, find out about the instructor.
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