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Re: New to Aikido

I've been training at the AAA Tenshinkan dojo for a little over the year now. It's the head dojo of the association, formerly run by Fumio Toyoda shihan until his unexpected death 5 years ago. It is now run by his son, Stephen Toyoda and many of his father's students still teach there.

I haven't seen any of the other Chicago aikido dojos, so I can't compare it to those, but I think we have a great group of students and I have only good things to say about all the yudansha who teach regularly there (I believe there are 8, all former students of Fumio Toyoda).

Stop by any time to talk to Stephen and to watch or try a class. The schedule is great at Tenshinkan with 3 hour-long classes Tues-Fri night, plus 2 on Monday night and 2 on Saturday afternoon.

Regarding Shinjinkai, that is a splinter dojo that is run by one of Fumio Toyoda's primary students who left or was asked to leave a number of years ago. I've heard he focuses more on the zen/spiritual aspects.

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