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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
You see, this is you personal interpretation. If we say ok to your approach every aikidoka will have his own interpretation and structured training will be impossible.
And many lazy folks will use interpretation to justifie their lazyiness and aikido will be watered down again and again.

It must be one simple rule that we can apply in any dojo in any situation, and this rule must push practice at higher level, indepedently of someone's will.

I think that a rule ' there is no bad uke or bad attack' will do a work.
I like your clear approach, Nagababa, 'though I do not agree in details.
I guess, it was Kisshomaru Ueshiba, who installed acceptance of "just-for-fun"-aikidoka. Yes, there are other possiblities to stay or get fit, but is aikido an invalid option? I would not blame any of them. Any I would never get bored, if I would train in every training a few time with those and a few times with beginners, I have to take care about. Maybe some of them get incended and change to "real martial training", i.e. go further on the way.
Would I allow them to test for higher kyu or dan grades? Probably not. Would I allow them to visit advanced or high-speed classes? Probably not. How about good aikidoka being injured or just growing old?

Where I totally agree, is, when you blame ppl for claiming aikido is just about slow-fox-dancing at all or 1st kyu and yudansche being ask for doing high speed 3.1 jiyu waza and after each attack the new uke is bowing and asking "are you ready for the next step?" (totally exaggerated - I have never experienced this), or nidan blaming 4th kyu for not falling (when not thrown). "The dojo is our battle-field" claimed a shihan once in a seminar - and probably not only this one - and probably not only once. You have to get martial proudness and attitude and your task is to survive - not to ask for not getting killed.

Kind regards Dirk
.....longing for your next visit to Frankfurt-Hoechst
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