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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Hi Ken, Josh has stated my concerns about the ideas expressed in your post very well, so I won't repeat them. You have much more experience with Ikeda Sensei than I, but I have to wonder what he meant by the statement "you have to take it" when describing off-balancing uke at a seminar I attended. Two seminars actually...he used that specific phrase while responding to a katatetori attack. Now admitedly, I do come from a pre-war style of aikido...which does affect the way I see and hear things. But I don't remember Ikeda Sensei saying that the attack is somehow inherrently off-balance. He spoke of taking uke's balance. And the importance of doing this regardless of the experience of the uke (in terms of other martial arts).

Hi Amir and Szczepan,

Somehow I think there has to be a happy medium in your discussion. While I'm not much for hard and fast rules (except that everyone should be able to go to work the next day after training), I agree that we shouldn't water down the training too much as well. But in context, Amir's statements come from a style of aikido that I don't think many people would claim is watered all.



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