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Amir Krause
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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
You see, this is you personal interpretation. If we say ok to your approach every aikidoka will have his own interpretation and structured training will be impossible.
And many lazy folks will use interpretation to justifie their lazyiness and aikido will be watered down again and again.

It must be one simple rule that we can apply in any dojo in any situation, and this rule must push practice at higher level, indepedently of someone's will.

I think that a rule ' there is no bad uke or bad attack' will do a work.
Could you explain your claims to me?
Why do you think:
structured training will be impossible.
if people understood their technical training as Kata?
How would you be able to have a structured practice if when asked to practice one situation, your Uke will decide to change it on his own?

The interpretation I wrote was not invented by me,it is the way I understand the teaching of my Sensei and Shihan (see the section below on Kata: ). Our approach is that even free practice is something one should learn to do, see the phases of kyoshu(randori): and

[Shono Shihan is one of Korindo Aikido Shihans. He started his M.A. practice with several Koryu styles in which he studied Buki. And came to korindo Aikido only later in his studied.]

I am not advocating that Uke fall regardless of Tori excution. That is just another form of being a bad Uke in my vocabulry. You can try and describe it in other ways, but it is simply the second side of the same coin.

(for lack of time, I did not spell check this time, I apologize)


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