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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

[quote=Ken McGrewUke's structural integrity is compromised by the act of attacking, both spiritually and physically. To truly attack is to become vulnerable, at least momentarilly. To attack someone you must go to them, and this intention can be used to lead the attacker outside of his balance. Once unbalanced, if the motion is continued, there is no opportunity to resist. If resistance is encountered or if something doesn't go as intended, it is always possible to change (either inside the technique or to a different technique, or no technique). I think too often it is the lack of a true attack that gives Uke the opportunity to live in the egotistic delusion of resistance.
Having read the posts from you and Josh I think it is still more a difference in language than anything else. If you have a good uke their structural integrity is not compromised by the attack. For those of us that have trained in other arts we can throw any variety of attacks and will not be unbalanced in the least, so if you don't "take" my balance, or center, then you will not execute a successful technique and will either be hit or reversed if possible. If when the initial attack is made you do succeed in taking my balance/center, then yes you will lead me as long as you maintain control of my balance/center. If you lose it then you have left an opening again for me to either re-initiate an attack or go for a reversal.

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