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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

Martha Kops wrote:
That said, I have also had a practice or two with higher ranked aikidoka who frustrated me because they were not sensitive to my level and worked me faster than I would have liked.
Your personal preferences are disabled in the dojo. Nobody cares what you like or not. This is a place for martial art practice and not restaurant where you can chose your prefered food.
Martha Kops wrote:
The question is how do you blend with this situation and what is YOUR lesson in this?
Yu must move faster to be able to match speed of technique. This is your most important duty on the tatami.
Martha Kops wrote:
Something to think about. In one of my rough practices mentioned above, I have decided that I will let go next time instead of trying so hard to be a "good" uke. It was mentioned in a seminar I recently attended that that is an option of your attacker. In the other rough situation, I had two practices where I told the person they were going too fast for me. The second time I suggested that I bow out and allow him to practice with a black belt who was in a threesome near by. It was intense! I learned from seeing them work, and my partner finally got that he was too much (quick) for me. He said he would adjust in future. I would appreciate any comments on this.
you must learn how to receive the techniques in safe way. this is your homework to do after every class with some help from dojo mates. I think you have 2-3 months to do it, after that advanced ppl will not want to practice with you.
They can't all their life slow down normal rythme of practice only because you 'don't like' move faster.You as uke in 99% must take care about your own safety.


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