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Re: Aikido v.s. Hapkido

Regarding the spirtual belief difference: I trained aikido, not very seriously, during a few of my college years. I really enjoyed the training, really enjoyed getting thrown around, but was always put off by all the spritual stuff my sensi was spouting. I just didnt buy it. So much so that I called my sensi out on it one day after class, which he was really cool about. Always figured you dealt with a situation in an appropriate manner and everythig is cool. About a year ago I moved to Korea and have been training Hapkido very seriously, mostly because I didnt have to put up with all the mumbo jumbo that I couldnt swallow in aikido class (I was a philosophy major in university), partly because I dont speak much Korean, but mostly because it is just not discussed. If your friend wants all that spritual talk send him to aikido, if he doesnt want to deal with it send him to hapkido. Even though I cant train aikido here (given the Koreans understandable hatred of the Japanese) I plan to go back to an aikido school when I return Stateside. I dig on Hapkido because it is uber brutal and super aggro, I dig aikido because it is not.
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