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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

The poster ddint say anything about resisting, just that he honestly didnt feel like he needed to fall. Taking him on his word, whats wrong with that? Nothing.

If my technique isnt working I want to be told about it. Constructively. If Someone is shutting my technique down/countering it on purpose then my technique is still failing, I need to either make it work (if I can), or realise what the problem within my execution of the technique is (and therefore learn from it and adjust, thanking the honest uke) or, if I have no other means and/or the uke is giving an non committal/inappropiate/locked out attack, henka waza and or atemi are another option.

Throwing a strop isnt a good answer. Perhaps telling the instructor is a valid option if you think it is required (i.e. better for sensei to correct someone than you) but if it's some sort of self serving ego repair than forget it. Ignore the black belt and train with other students instead. Perhaps ask your sensei what he meant when he told you these things.

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