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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

If an ikkyo technique is called for, then you simply execute an ikkyo technique despite the strongest resistance from the uke.
Although I happily agree with your intent as regards training, focusing on a particular technique to the exclusion of all else no matter what shape/resistance you're presented can be detrimental as this idea can creep into randori.

I'm not (nor often believe I will reach) at the stage that one technique will work under all circumstances, especially with an aware uke. So I'd probably just change the technique to one which fits the circumstances better.

However, I'm still fully with the "complaining about a kyu grades attack to your instructor is being a wuss" - there was no aggression or damage mentioned in the incident, just a hurt ego. I've got kyu grades that cause me no end of trouble, bless their little cotton zori, and I like them for it (well, most of the time)
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