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David Yap
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Re: Instructor got mad because I didn't fall

Hi Amir,

Nagababa wrote:
Hi Amir,
Such concept as 'bad uke' simply doesn't exist. It is only cheap excuse to bad technique. And to preserve the illusions about own 'perfect' aikido. So ego can grow quietly.

I can understand when uke helps (in very limited way) to other beginner. But it is certainly not a case when nage is black belt.
Amir Krause wrote:
I disagree. Bad Uke does exist in a training environment
I do agree with you that bad uke does exist in a training environment and I also agree with Nagababa that the concept of "bad uke" is a cheap excuse for a badly executed technique.

Regardless whether the nage is a mudansha or yudansha, most times he/she would not be able to move if the uke has the physical strength and intention to lockup the nage. However, the nage could read the intention of the uke the moment the grip is applied. Besides the application of an atemi or a kick, the nage should put him/herself in the right state of mind to feel and execute the technique at the precise moment. To find the path of least resistance, the nage must offer even lesser or zero resistance.

I believe that Nagababa's advice is at a black belt level we should train to a level that a "bad uke" concept doesn't exist anymore. If an ikkyo technique is called for, then you simply execute an ikkyo technique despite the strongest resistance from the uke. To polish ourselves in the art, we do need these "bad" uke.

Best training.

David Y
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