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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I would love to have the time to get with someone of quality to work with this, however, it is difficult at best to find someone that can "guide, coach, or mentor", on this "internal stuff" and be able to fight his way out of a paper bag based on the contstraints, conditions, and values I,,, key word is "I"... place on "effectiveness" in martial training.
I agree with you, Kevin, that I want to see it used (a.) purely and (b.) martially. By "purely", what I mean is that is someone hits me or pushes me or does kokyunage or whatever with an admirable use of power, I want to feel this stuff doing it and not "some of this stuff but with a large dollop of muscle", because if you gotta depend on muscle, don't waste my time talking about "internal" power.

I wanta see "martial" because I like martial .... however the neat thing about this stuff is that you can use it for your everyday walking, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, etc. That's why there's this constant comment about "it's an investment for your old age". While muscle atrophies and degenerates with old age, the ki part, the fascia-related stuff and the attendant skills, just gets conditioned like rawhide.

Insofar as being really able to kick-ass fight with the stuff, I don't really put so much emphasis on that. The first time Chen Xiao Wang hit me in a moderate manner and it was so hard a hit that it made my mother's womb hurt, I was able to figure out that win, lose, or draw this stuff is certainly additive and has great utility in a fight.

The problem with tying the idea of "use internal" and "you will always win" is false. Consider someone who is just learning and has moderate or miniscule skills but is on the right track and they get into a brawl with some strong boffo and lose.... do you say "ha, 'internal' doesn't work" or do you just realistically shrug and understand that there's levels of everything? These skills are additive and they add power greatly (and they add more than that, but let's keep it simple), but you have to realize that there are levels and gradations of power, range of ability, purity, etc.

I dunno if you saw that old post via Ellis about Terry Dobson's recounting of the match between Chiba Sensei and Wang Xu Jin. Wang was an old and very powerful martial artist and Chiba was a young buck in his early twenties (BTW, I've seen Chiba's version of this story and it's embarrassing to read). Wang, according to the people who were there, handled Chiba like a child and said something along the lines of "you have some qi... come back when you have more". I think that sums it up... these things are additive, but not by any means decisive. And isn't that what you'd expect in the real world?

All the Best.

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