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yeah, I also noticed that physical activities are like an extension of what we do in the dojo. I play football (soccer) and Cricket (probably shares similar principles to baseball), and in both of these sports there is something about being relaxed and timing the ball that results in more satisfying and effective technique. I guess it's the same in the various other sports that I don't know about/have never played too. I actually developed my own brief theory, which will be incredibly boring for anyone who doesn't enjoy cricket, so I wont go into too much deatil, but basically almost everytime the batsman gets out (strkes out?) he's been off balanced by the bowler (pitcher.) In other words, in games like this, one player is trying to attack and destabilise the other in order to make them vunerable, the other is trying to redirect that threat effectively...the ball becomes the manifestatation of one player's intention, or ki. I hope that this serves as proof that cricket is not a boring game played by old men!!
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