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Angry Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

You are asking about body training and not martial skills or fighting yes?

Its not a case of a single test that exemplifies a trick. You test-or try to test the "whole" of the guy. There are a series of things you can do to a guy with your hands on him, that he will walk away and agree that -he- didn't get -either some aspects of body connection- or "most" aspects of it.
Then I do the same thing with his hands on me. I have had fairly good luck with this with those I have shown some things too.

So, Its very easy to feel someone and tell if he is using disconnected and singular large muscle groups to power through. Internal strength is a different feel. Once you feel it you will tell the difference as well.. Then you can decide if it is something useful for you or not. It's not a matter of one upmanship. Once shown, most guys will like what they can do and sense a new potential for power.

People have gotten by without it for centuries. If I said it was only a better way to walk, or do heavy manual labor but doesn't matter for fighting would you care as much? There are CMA guys I've met who use internal power and can't fight much. For me..and a few others I guess the real fun is where it works into a fighting form. But in the meantime ya just move better. There are some passages in interviews with Daito ryu guys who used to practice..................... while walking in crowds.

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