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I found a web site that says even the progressive arching using the head (or wrestlers bridge) can cause injury. Check it out.

Listed under exercise concerns.

I would recommend bridging without using the head.

Originally posted by PeterR
Basically the warm-up exercises related to the neck, done to an 8 count are:

hand to the left side of head - push against
hand to the right side - push against
hand to the front - push against
linked hands to the back - push against

rapid turn of head to the right
rapid turn to the left
tilting to the right
tilting to the left
tilting back and forth (head forward and back)
shaking the head tilted back
circular motion of head both ways

a series of progressive archings (hips only, back only, hips and back) ending up supporting the body with the head and feet only. Not recommended right away for beginners.
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