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akiy wrote:
So, what's your definition of the term "takemusu"?

-- Jun
O-Sensei repeated said that the Kami revealed technique to him. The statement Takemuso Aiki means that the techniques of the martial side of Aikido arise out of the state of Aiki or connection.

If you think about it you can begin to see what is meant. The role of the nage is to relax and blend with the movements of the uke. He must move as if he is a mirror image of the partner so there is no separation. Of course it is the job of the uke to be so in tune with nage that he can move without resistance with any movement that nage makes. So here is the crux of the matter, if uke is blending with nage and nage is blending with uke, who is in control? Who is the actor in the technique? When both egos vanish within the technique who is left?

At the point I think you have Takemusu Aiki. The techniques are in a sense creating themselves out of the state of connection between the partners. If this sounds like a great big Koan, it is.

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