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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Hanna Björk wrote:
mark, do not feed The Unpronouncable One.
Thank you Hanna, I love you too

Mark Freeman wrote:
Doesn't sound like O Sensei's desire for aikido to be for everyone.
Is aikido only for those who want to explore the 'martial' side of the art?
There seems to be a fair amount of 'machismo' even in aikido. What is wrong with a housewife bored or otherwise wanting to practice aikido for the undoubted health benefits to both mind and body?
Or is aikido only for the young and fit who can take serious 'hard training?

just a few questions propted by the quote above.
Of course, aikido is for everyone, I'm the best exemple of that
Only thing is, one can't separate aikido on "martial" side and some other less precised sides. It has nothing to do with machismo. You must precisly know what you want to practice.
If someone want healthy gymnastic, why sign up for aikido? There are very many gym around with nice, young,sexy and very competent instructors, you will have a lot of health benefits to both mind and body


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