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Re: Poll: What numeral do you think your aikido most resembles?

Wow what a great question ! What could it mean ? Call in Dan Brown or Indiana Jones.. How did it get here ? What number was O'Sensei? What number is my sensei ? Chuck Norris; could he be beyond numbers or is he all numbers? Who might qualify for a letter? Who is between numbers,or not yet a number, or beyond numbers?

Or is the answer to choose a number, and be the best number that you choose that you can be ? Or to paraphrase William Shatner "Get a life; it's only Aikido" which should really annoy some of you. Don't get me wrong I love Aikido and hate to miss sessions and seminars but it is part of, not all of my life.

This is my theory very early on a Sunday morning with no coffee in me and the wind blowing outside and my family snoring and the dogs sleeping and me just going on and on and on..........
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