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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Thanks for the cool diagrams I think that Ikeda sensei is doing just as is pictured in the second diagram, but the weird thing is that you can't feel what he's doing it only feels like downward weight, I mean you can't try to push to his center because it doesn't appear to be where it should be. He does change for a differing grab most notably he can project the "weight" that was down out the back of his wrist in a direction to the side, which is really cool to feel. The reason I use Ikeda sensei as is because for years I am a few friends have tried to come up with a decent description of what he was doing and I think you have put it into a nice physical model that is easily understood, thanks again. Also you are in Durango have you ever gotten up to Boulder to see Ikeda sensei? If you haven't its well worth the trip. Imaizumi sensei gave a seminar a few years ago for Arizona Aikido in Phoenix and I remember it being very straightforward and he liked to explain techniques in a concise way almost like a science class, but much more exciting. When I get back to the US I may swing by Durango sometime to visit. My home town is Flagstaff. Thanks again and keep the info coming.


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