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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Aikido dojo it is martial environment, not healthy practice for bored housewives. Teacher that doesn't understand it must be avoided at all price. Many ppl hide his ignorance about nature of aikido and inefficiency of techniques behind hierarchical structure of the dojo, and using his "authority" to reprimand and put down honest students.
Hi all,

All few years ago I did step into such a dojo. I observed that he (the instructor) didn't really understand the principles of kuzushi. When he got me off-balanced he wouldn't execute the technique. Unlike his regular students who would stay off-balance till he execute the techniques, by reflex I would regain my balance. Especially so if for a moment nothing was going to happen. Most times he could put me on the mat after a couple of tenkan, more than that, I would received nasty bruises on arms from his emotional charged pinches. I could have easy put him down but the aikido community here is rather small and it would mean the end of my aikido training. After three months, I decided that I wasn't going to learn anything from him, I moved on with no regret.

My advice is - if you are not happy with the instructor who is primarily responsible for your aikido development - move on, this is your own investment, the time and the money.

Best training

David Y

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