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Re: What is the big deal w/ testing???

Thanks again to new posters and repeat viewers/commenters. I do appreciate the feedback.

The general consensus is that I should "buck up", and follow the wishes of my Sensei/dojo. In the spirit of harmony, I guess that is what I should do.

It does (and will continue) to pain me that Aikido, or at least my brief experience with it, is so much like life in general...everyone seems to need/want some measure of where they stand in life. I deal with people who have more letters after their names (MBA, PhD, J.D., VP, Sr. Mgr) than I have in my whole name, and act like these letters somehow make them better than all the rest of us. I had hoped that Aikido, and my study of it, would be the one release/escape from this materialistic need for self-worth.

Hopefully, somewhere along the path, I'll find what I need to help accept it all.

Please accept my humble best wishes for all your future endeavors.
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