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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Justin Smith wrote:
Mike Sigman wrote:
The point is that Aikido, Taiji, and other arts aren't considered complete without these kinds of skills...
I'd like to read up on these skills some more. Where does O'Sensei specifically mention the kind of skills you are referring to that render aikido incomplete without them?
Well, I'm not sure what your question is. Are you asking "where does O-Sensei mention these skills and that Aikido is incomplete without them" or are you asking "Where does O-Sensei mention these skills"? Please note what I said in the original quote.

If you look in Ueshiba's douka, his spoken and written word, and watch the standard ki demonstrations that he did (not to mention Tohei and others do), it's pretty obvious these things are part of "Ai-Ki-do".

In a martial context, medical context, and as part of the widespread Yin-Yang cosmology, "ki" or "qi" means the same thing in both China and Japan, in all the different martial arts. When Ueshiba wrote the standard references about Man, the Ki of Heaven, the Ki of Earth, the Divine Will, etc., as being the jewels of Aikido, he was referring to the same skills that we're talking about in Tohei's "Ki Society", the "jo trick", "aiki", etc. Without thinking, a lot of people, even old Asia hands, will sometimes begin (because of lack of knowledge, to put it bluntly) sort of think that the "ki" in Aikido is somehow referring to something else or some irrelevant-to-the-core-matters concept. No... this is what's being talked about: the body skills we're discussing in this thread.


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