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Re: What is the big deal w/ testing???

Mary Kuhner wrote:
Insisting on bucking your school's established convention for testing and belt color *is* making a big deal of it, in my opinion. It can easily send a message to your teachers "I think your way of running your school is stupid."

It's okay to say that if that is what you really mean. I wouldn't advise saying it if the real message is something else, like "I don't feel ready" or "I have stage fright" or "I'm disappointed that my fellow students are so obsessed with rank."

Mary Kaye
Err, just a thought in a $$ eyes way:
Test = Paying for it.

Although most of the trainees are too paying small amount to the dojo while learning aikido, whether they are white or colored as training fees.
Test may be just too much for him to pay for at the moment?

Err, another thought in "Too-much-Pie-make-Jack-sick-of-it" way.
Or may be he got sick of getting into exam after years of academic testing and being measured up by marks?

Getting a feel of being "tested on" could really have some upsetting feeling to people. Is this the case?

Err, yet another thought on test with daily life...
Although I agree on testing is just a way to see how much u had learned. But how can one test a person's capabilites and/or skills in various things and knows one is doing the thing correctly without any kind of indication/guide to help with?
i.e: 2 mechanics in compare, to fix a car and predict when it need a maintainence.
Or, 2 bakers, to see whose cake are the best...
Both can say they are predict/baking the precise/best of the world. And, there are no 1 grand master in their field can ultimately decide who are right. Also, any judge decision's undecisive as it may have different perspective yet 1minute/1hour/10days later.

So, now, do testing really a big deal? (Given its esclusive of your capabilty to live/survive in society)

I may not speak my mind out clearly as its just vague concept and quick thought. (Also, me no language/philosophy master or plainly "uneducated in expressing in english"? :P)

Please correct my words if you get what I try to express.
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