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Brad Darr
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Hello all,
Mike I really enjoyed your description in post #32, it is for my money one of the most straight forward descriptions of what is going on I have read. Have you considered writing more and maybe sending it to Jun I would really enjoy reading more. Anyway I think I get it but I may be totally wrong, so here is a question, is this the same thing when a person pushes something really large like a car or boulder or elephant or something, if the body is working in the proper way you describe would we simply be pushing the object with the earth? Does that come across?
Also Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei often talks about "putting you weight on" so when uke grabs katatedori it feels like the whole or most of the body weight of nage is on top of them but there is no push from the arm. The image I have is nage standing on the outstretched arm of uke and the "weight" of nage drives the person down. I have felt this done by Ikeda Sensei quite a few times so it definately feels like his whole weight or more! My question then is this something similar, is he reversing the effect you describe, the force traveling up the backleg down his arm into the grab of uke? Or is it something different and how would you describe it?
Thanks again I think this thread is one of the best I have read so far, it hasn't degenerated into the "Is ki real" debate and the arguments that ensue. Thanks again and sorry if I didn't really undertand and am babbling.


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