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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin...What is reeeaally going to get your goat...... Man I hope you have a sense of humor.
Know what the most common phrase I have heard in the CMA so far?
" Most guys don't get internal power."
I died laughing and gave my best "OY!"
Before you shoot -ME-go read. Read all the CMA forums and Mike Sigmans comments as well.
Let the sarcasm-or frustration- begin.

Anyway, the skills are just not trained there in great numbers as well-or so I'm told. The one great thing is that you can't fake it. It takes only a few seconds or a minute tops and you know where their power is coming from. Again.......still not talking about fighting that is a different (and more fun for me) venue that you "use" these skills in...or not.

If you do BJJ have you heard of Tim Cartmel? He is supposedly working the internal aspects of CMA in BJJ.I don't know anything other than that, and he is supposedly are type. Likes to mix it up.
You are going to have a tough time meeting folks who can use it. I am waiting for some experiences this year as I have had some personal invites from some low level teachers to meet some high level guys. I get along well with these guys-even when I critisize somethings. They are a very practical bunch so far. But I am told they are as rife with internal bunnies as the Aiki arts with Aiki-bunnies Even in the internals of Xing-I, Bagau and Taiji and lessor known ones. I wouldn't know yet. I've met guys so far who's hands were as empty as many other artists in external arts. Heavy hands is a very good sign.

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