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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Mike do you have a schedule for Chen Xiao Wang? it is not listed on his website. I am interested.
Hmmmm. Here's the one I normally look on for his schedule:
But I don't see anything in Germany, which doesn't sound right since he has such a strong organization in Germany. Then again, I'm not part of the group, so I don't know what all may be happening.
Yes, maybe it is semantics. [[snip]] Western yoga is devoid of it??? Not in my experiences either. My wife practices ansusara yoga under John Friend, he gets it. Tara Brach, Krishna Das (the Singer), John telling me these quality individuals from the west "don't get it?" [[snip]]I think there is a distinction since we can assume that while yogis can understand the same energy, mind, and spiritualty that MA practice can offer....we can't imagine that alone would make them a good/efficient fighter. [[snip]]I suppose what I am really saying is just because someone can't do "unbendable arm" or the "jo trick" doesn't mean anything other than they can't do those things. If they can do it, well it means that they simply can do it. It is not a measure of how well they understand the "internal" aspects of martial arts or KI...simply that they understand or have learned the conditions in which you can perform those stunts. Again, I offer, I will be impressed if anyone can do it once I change the input or parameters to the equation.
Kevin, no offense, but it's been obvious to me for some time that you don't really understand what I'm talking about, and that's probably because you've never really experienced it. However, I appreciate your willingness to go look, for instance, at someone like Chen Xiao Wang. I guarantee that you will be impressed that the human body can be trained to that level. I'm hard to impress... but I know when I see something functional and real, even if I had scoffed beforehand.
However, Mike, you freely offer that it will fail probably if a 300 lb dude is pushing on you. If it was an absolute, quantifiable, objectifiable "thing" AND you could align it, channel it, or what not separate from all the other criteria...logic has it that other inputs such as 300lbs pushing on you could be controlled or managed.
Well, my comment was that while this stuff is interesting, very helpful, is an advantage in physical situations, and some other positives, it is not the magic bullet that makes someone invincible. In other words, there are realistic limits to it... that's a necessary caveat to reality. I try to be very realistic.

All the Best.

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