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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

I suppose what I am really saying is just because someone can't do "unbendable arm" or the "jo trick" doesn't mean anything other than they can't do those things. If they can do it, well it means that they simply can do it. It is not a measure of how well they understand the "internal" aspects of martial arts or KI...simply that they understand or have learned the conditions in which you can perform those stunts. Again, I offer, I will be impressed if anyone can do it once I change the input or parameters to the equation.

However, Mike, you freely offer that it will fail probably if a 300 lb dude is pushing on you. If it was an absolute, quantifiable, objectifiable "thing" AND you could align it, channel it, or what not separate from all the other criteria...logic has it that other inputs such as 300lbs pushing on you could be controlled or managed.

Kevin, May I? I'm sure Mike will reply.
That is precisely the point. They are in a sense just tests for where each person is in training certain skills. I have joked that with some people I know in SMR they'd just whack you in the head with the Jo. But the flip side-once you realize they are not anything other than tests, They can and do impart skills relavant to fighting arts. But being good at one does not make you good at the other.
That they are easy to show someone to do (to a small degree at the beginning) the rest just becomes improving on your skills. At a point you can hold back more pressure but only if it is controlled (in a way).
Now with pushing on "people" it becomes more relavent as there are more and more things one can do to resist, redirect, generate power back etc. As the years go by you can in fact resist allot of pressure, but the sensitivity the relaxation offers helps to "read" the guy. Similar to what you feel in grappling arts. Again being able to "test it"-is not a test of fighting skill just structure and aligiment. Some-like me. Have chosen to incorporate these skills into -our- fighting arts. So where does one draw the line? See what I mean? If you can do the Jo trick, you can punch with many of the same skills? There are others of course to connect the body.

Overall using the body with these various skills is a very proficient way to maximize power. But there are many good fighters who could care less.


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