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Re: What is the big deal w/ testing???

I'm sure can respectfully request not to test, although I don't know how that will be received by your Sensei.

What really confuses me though is that you made the comment that you'll wear your white belt until you achive Shodan and that tie on your black belt. How do you think you achieve Shodan? It is by testing up the ranks like every student who has come before you.

In our dojo everyone wears a white belt until they achieve Shodan. So rank beginner, 6th kyu, 2nd kyu, etc all wear white belts, before, during, and after our tests. LOL

However, if your dojo uses a colored belt system I personally would be honored that your Sensei feels you are ready to test, take your test, graciously accept your new rank AND belt, and go on with your training.

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