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Lucy Smith
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Re: What is the big deal w/ testing???

I have never seen anybody that doesn't want to achieve a new rank... I mean, why do you want to wear your white belt even if you are a yellow, or whatever? Every color has a different meaning. Testing's porpouse is to know what you are capable of. It's like school years. Every year you learn something new. And at the end of it, you need to test to be able to pass to the next year and learn the new stuff. Colors are also a good way to know who you are working with, especially for new students. I'm a new student, so I always practice with green or blue belts, since I know a yellow belt knows only a little bit more than I do, so a more advanced student will be able to teach me better. It's also nice to know that you've earned that belt, by hard work and a lot of practice.
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