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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

David Sim wrote:
Out of interest, has there been much research done on finding out (if and) how ki effects can fit into a western physiological / scientific framework?
Hi David:

You know, there is no one thing called "Ki". That comes from an old way of explaining how things worked and anything they didn't know how it worked they attributed the forces to "Ki" and then posited some universal force called "Ki".... ergo, everything was explained! What we're talking about is a few body phenomena that are jumbled together and called "Ki", but we're only interested in a few of them. The 2 major body phenomena called "Ki" that we're interested in are the force-manipulating skill and the fascial/strength skill. Since they are intertwined to a degree, they're lumped together as "ki", for instance, in Tohei's terminology.

That being said, have these skills been studied in the West? No. Although there is some research on a couple of aspects of the fascia stuff.


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