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Mike Sigman
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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Thanks for the information Mike!

So really sounds like Yoga can do the same thing for you right?
No. Although originally yoga is derived from the same core "tricks" of body development. But western yoga seems devoid of it, period.
To me just sounds like proper body mechanics etc. correct?
No, it is beyond normal "body mechanics". Think of it as an addition to "proper body mechanics".
Do you use the word "internal"? does it apply to this?
In a way, although it's a semantics discussion I don't want to get into too much. What you're calling "proper body mechanics" would be considered "external strength". The things I was talking about take a while to *develop*... they aren't part of any corrections to proper body mechanics, Kevin.
If I understood this COMPLETELY though to a fairly degree of proficiency though, i'd be a damn good fighter though right? Logic would seem to follow?
These skills would improve anyone's fighting and strength. But without good fighting skills, this stuff alone isn't enough. The point is that Aikido, Taiji, and other arts aren't considered complete without these kinds of skills because their core concepts were designed to work with this form of strength.
Therefore, if Saotome sensei understood and could demonstrate this better than I, then even at his age he could probably defeat me correct?
I don't know. As I said, these strengths are additional to your fighting, not replacements for any expertise. Saotome knows more about these things than he shows most westerners, though, IMO. But that's another story.

Or do the other factors such as speed, agility, body weight..all play a factor in this? OR do they represent the "imperfection/error" in someones skill? Does this make sense???

I mean if I was a perfectly efficient model, then all these things would be irrelevant correct?
No.... these are additives above and beyond those things, Kevin.
I think that why we do martial arts over say yoga is that martial arts teaches us how to "gap" these inefficiencies. If we did not have them...then we could become martial artist simply through studying yoga right?

Let me know if I am a complete idiot here!
You should go see Chen Xiao Wang when he visits Germany this year. It will open your eyes to what these additives can do.

All the Best.

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