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Re: Instructor got mad because I didnt fall

Uke waza skill is underappreciated in many respects. Often, we set up micro environments and train with the conclusion of the technique a "fall;" if we do not achieve the "fall" we feel the technique is complete, which can be humbling. However, aikido works because communication (musubi) between partners exists to illustrate the proper response from our partners; if the proper response is to fall, then the question should be "why is my partner not understanding what I want him/her to do?"

That said, the only occasion I usually approach a student to correct falling for their partner is when technique is applied correctly and uke is clearly absorbing pain and not responding to the technique; I stop this situation because of the danger of damaging an unresponsive uke. Many of us have held out from nikyo or kotegashi one second too long and experienced that pain/damage first-hand...
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