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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

I am going to admit my ignorance on this whole issue. One I am really intriqued...and not sarcastically, but really out of my own ignorance...what does all this stuff do for you, or what does it prove/test?

Unbendable arm, the Jo trick etc.

Mike I historically respect your opinions on KI etc, I may not always understand them, again probably my own ignorance on these deep issues, as I have not studied them. That and I am not an intellectual or an erudite.

so, in my simple mind, you do things for a reason.

I think I get the concept of the JO trick and unbendable arm, but not sure why it is so damn important to ANYTHING.

If you can redirect energy and are efficient then what difference would the size of an individual make?

Mike wrote:
Against a football player, it simply wouldn't work..... and nobody has implied that it would.
So either it works or it doesn't right? "Sometimes" does not enter into my small mind when you are talking about things that seemingly should be absolutes such as CHI, KI, etc as you guys refer to it.

I'd buy "sometimes" if you are saying "well theorectically it should not matter if you perfect things, and have the perfect conditions", but many people ellude to some degree of mastery of some elusive thing only mastered by those few...yet in my experiences...not one ever demonstrates this theory.

Reminds me of Cold Fusion Theory.

So if I do unbendable arm...then kick the guy in the groin and break his focus does it still work???? Yes I entered a new parameter in the equation. Which is exactly my point. Isolated demonstrations of things prove that you have mastered nothing but being able to set the conditions properly to have a efficiently predicatble result.

I'd really be impressed if someone could do unbendable arm while I kicked him as hard as I could in the groin then punched him in the face.

What is more impressive is seeing someone truly mastering himself and who knows how to appropriately respond and react to another human being and the parameters/conditions he/ or she presents.

Again, I am not trying to be sarcastic. I simply want someone to explain/quantify in very, very simple terms that an Infantry soldier of my basic thought process can wrap my mind around of what it is that these things do for you or prove.

We all get caught up in the air of intrigue, emotion, and mystery of this conceptually fascinating stuff, but I doubt anyone really understands what really is being discussed.
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