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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Now that the truth of this trick is out people should get down to work. Obviously there are folks who can do it and who are predisposed to teach it as well. Rupert being one of them. So I would say go and find them if you don't know these skills. When you go you push-just as in anything in training- its more important to understand what is making it work in the first place. And the real work begins "outside" the trick. Once things are in line and your body understands.

Now in fighting? The principles inherent make a tremendously effective stab with a spear, a punch or projection. and........depending on your skill and size-in fighting- will stop a football players drive. I have. I also stop my 279 lb 6'4" jujutsuka's tackle. In light of the recent challenge thread I just couldn't resist poking.

For every person -if they have never done this type work-their power will begin to improve and then increase over time. Period.
There are many more ideas and ideals to human movement and efficiency of transfering power or redirecting. As well as to just flat out hit or kick-all based on similar mechanics. In ground work the principles hold true-some are easier since the path or current is shorter. But in an of themselves the training excercises don't teach one to fight. They are helpful and healthful to living and balance. Fighting is fighting-a different thing.
As much as I slam wussy Aikido that "thinks" its strong-as opposed to guys who train hard and have a balanced view of things. I also have many times advocated that Aikido COULD be exceedingly powerful-said it many times-with this type of training. Those who do-do this type of training know what I mean. This training that was imparted to Ueshiba M. from Takeda S. and ALL of which most likely came to Japan from China.

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