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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Jory Boling wrote:
So, are there are a couple of you online here, that could have a "football player" push on the far end of the jo and demonstrate it? If you ever get around to making a short video of it, I'd like to see it.
Well, there's limits to these things... they're meant to show a principle, but not to absurd limits. When Tohei has a partner pushing on his forearm, it's meant to show HOW a strength is done and not to imply that Tohei could withstand the onslaught of a push from an angry NFL linebacker.

Ueshiba took a somewhat well-known demonstration of what in China would be "Hun Yuan strength" and embellished it with a jo extension... a little bit of a showoff and you can see he never really pulls it off well without some aid, willing students, light pushes, etc. Still, he had unusual strength to even do it as much as he did.

Against a football player, it simply wouldn't work..... and nobody has implied that it would.


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