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Re: Aikido and Aikijujutsu

Originally posted by Kami
KAMI : Morihei O didn't learn all of Aikijujutsu. Ueshiba learned a bit more than the Shoden and his certificate from Takeda Dai Sensei was just the one known as KYOJU DAIIRI (Assistant Teacher, in the absence of the Master). There was no agreement between the men (Takeda and Ueshiba). They break apart querulously, after some time, and not having the Menkyo Kaiden(License of Complete Knowledge), Ueshiba couldn't teach Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, his former master being alive.
Hrmmm, if I remember Stanley Pranin wrote that the Menkyo Kaiden didn't exist when Morihei Ueshiba received his certificates. Pretty sure he wrote that Ueshiba taught Aiki-jutsu to quite a number of people but I've to get back to you on that. Need to re-read my sources (Aikido Journal) so I won't en up lying.

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