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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Craig Hocker wrote:
This is simply wrong.

Richard Bowe attended seminars by Koichi Tohei Sensei in the 1960's. When he invented his own school, he was told not to call it Aikido. In the sixties, Black Belt magazine was young, it had many favorable articles on Aikido. Aikido was new and mysterious. It's not surprising why he marketed his school as Aikido. You can look at their testing syllabus today and see things that were clearly derived from Tohei Sensei style of teaching. The idea that Richard Bowe had any contact with anything called Aikido in Japan is very doubtful.
This is a bunch of crap that I did not expect to see on this site. It's nothing but opinion and or rumor with no fact. If any one goes to you can get more info on the art. As for the name of the art it's called Nihon Goshin Aikido not Aikido.

Mr. Bowe has a unique background. He was trained as a fighter at a young age (boxing and combat judo)(Mr Bowe's father trained professional boxers). When he went to Japan while stationed in the military he had an opportunity to train in a variety of arts and analyze them in terms of effectiveness. He trained in Karate, Ueshiba Aikido, and Judo. He felt that Moritasan's form of self-defense was the most effective and focused his energy in that art.

"This is a true Aikido dojo " that quote is from the late Toyoda sensei when I had him hold a seminar at my dojo. I'm sure he would not say that with all of the NGA schools. What it comes down to is the spirit of the dojo. Some are very karate oriented and some dojos are focused on aiki. The good thing about NGA is it allows the practitioner to choose his or her path, because both parts are taught.

Walter Kopitov
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