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Re: Sore throat.

Originally posted by Thalib
Karaa-san, when one needs a vocal incentive in order to reach kiai, one just does not shout from top of their lungs and through their throat. This will be very exhausting and one could get a very sore throat.

The voice should be coming from the hara. Abdominal breathing if you must. By concentrating on the hara, one will eventually be concentrating on one point (seika no itten or seika tanden) - the first step in unifying mind and body. In a vocal kiai, the voice comes out as a side effect of flowing the air to the hara.

Wether it is a platoon leader or a batalyon commander giving out marching orders (like "forward march" or "right face") on the field, the shout never comes out of the lungs, but it comes from the abdomen. An order given in a right way will make the soldiers respond correctly in a unified way. This is a type of kiai. There are many correlations between "ki" and military discipline, but that is another discussion.

In conclusion, regarding the sore throat, one should not stress the throat in order for the air to come out, but let the air flow through the throat.
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