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Re: The "Jo Trick" and Similar Exercises

Paul Nowicki wrote:
I don't mean to be offensive at all. I'm an engineering consultant and deal with physics, lever arms, mechanical advatages and forces every day. From a technical stand point these feats seem impossible. I dont care how you visualize it in your mind, if a perpindicular force is really applied at the end of a lever arm, you are in some real trouble trying to provide a counteracting force. I can visualize invisible energies all day long, it wont prevent simple physics to win over. Again, I'd love to learn more about this subject and if it is possible train to do or at least understand how these feats are accomplished. I wish there was someone local that can perform/teach these Ki excercises. If anyone has any detailed descriptions on how to practice I'd greately appreciate it. At our Dojo we train hard in our techniques, movement and moving around our centers, we do not attempt any KI specific excercises.
You're not offensive at all, Paul... you're doing exactly what I think everyone should do, analyze, challenge, think out loud, etc. This is the sort of stuff I like to do on the QiJing list: analyze forces, skills, etc.

Think of this for a second. If you're say standing up and and you're holding your left fist inside your right hand (to make them one object. Your elbows are against your ribcage so basically your joined fists are a solid part of your body. If I say "start to move forward but don't really move", there will be a forward potential to your fists, even though you don't move; I can't see it. If I say "pull backward, but don't really move", there will be a backward pulling potential to your fists, even though you don't move; I can't see the difference. If I say "push the fists vertically straight up, but don't move".... same idea; I can't see the difference. And I can say "add weight to your fists like you're trying to sink them down, but don't move"... same thing; I can't see the difference.

Without moving, your mind and micro-muscular motion are able to bring force vectors to the hands (or any part of the body), provided you have a good connection. Yes, there are physical limits to these tricks, but they can get pretty sophisticated. If you're conditioned well and you can adjust the vector directions your body is "emanating" quickly, you can arrange your resultant body direction so that someone pushing against a seemingly vertical lever is actually pushing against a *ground-based* force that is coming into them at an upward angle. So draw a picture of a horizontal non-ground-based force meeting head to head with a ground-based force that is coming up toward it. It takes some skill and yes, whoever applies first can usually be the winner, etc., but it's not magic.... it's practice. And you have to learn to rely on your lower body for the load-bearing responsibilities.



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