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Mark Freeman
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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Just to be clear, Mark, I don't quibble with any visualization you want to use (Ueshiba's visualization had to do with kami, so whatever floats your boat), but I don't need to pretend anything about uke's mind. I just re-direct forces using out-of-the-ordinary-but-not-magical body/mind skills. Each to his own.

no need to pretend anything just a mental practice, but as you so rightly point out they are body/mind skills, not just body skills.

Pardon my ignorance on the subject. So what youre saying is the person that is doing the pushing is basically brainwashed into thinking that he can't move the object. What if someone who doesn't believe in such things does the pushing?
No I did not say or imply brainwashing, what would be the point of that?
The pusher has a mind as well as a body, deal with both not just one or the other, that is what these exercises are for - practicing the co-ordination of mind and body for the purpose of
1, improving your aikido and
2, to enhance daily life by being co-ordinated in all mundane actions.
So no, no brainwashing! I don't need people to believe that I can do something for me to be able to do it!!

I have to go now.. got a class to teach/brainwash...oops



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