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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Pardon my ignorance on the subject. So what youre saying is the person that is doing the pushing is basically brainwashed into thinking that he can't move the object. What if someone who doesn't believe in such things does the pushing? Does it still work? I just can't see it working on the physical level, if a real force is applied to the jo, or chair or whatever, an equal and opposite force needs to be applied to counteract it. With a mechanical advantage that the pushers of the jo, chair have, I just can't see the opposite force generated to be possible. In order to counteract a force with such a mechanical advantage the counteracting force would have to be enourmous. So I can accept the brainwashing theory, because the person pushing is not really pushing, but the alternative (physical force actually applied), seems to not be logical or possible in a world ruled by physics.

I'm sorry if I come across harsh, it is not my intention, I'm trying to figure this out and since so many people on here imply that this is common place, I need to learn what they are actually doing.
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