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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Paul Nowicki wrote:
You mention that the Joe Trick is done easily by a number CMA people they'd probably laugh at us for thinking its something out of the ordinary. I personally have not had the pleasure of viewing or feeling the joe trick in person. Furthermore, I'm a strong believer in Newton's laws and gravity. It has to be some trick since its pretty obvious that the person/s pushing on the end of the joe have a mechanical advantage. I personally will not believe in such a thing untill I see it / feel it myself or untill someone explains to me the rules of this exercise. Perhaps the people are not really pushing on the Joe, but merely attempting to twist it out of the person's hands. Otherwise, I don't see how it can be done. Some of the things described by people on here (ie. the balancing on the rear legs of a chair while a big guy pushes and maintianing balance) really make me think that in some parts of the World perhaps physics and gravity do not exist. Or perhaps its more of mind trick than a physical feat. Anyone care to elaborate?
Hi Paul,

Mike has covered the how it happens in his post above. Some of these 'tricks' ( I dont really like that description as it is not accurate ) are a bit 'unbelievable' when first seen. A bit like seeing an aeroplane for the first time! it looks like magic, but it is nothing of the sort when you know how it happens.

Rest assured the gravity in my part of the world is the same as yours ( only not quite so cold in the winter ).

Of course the mind is involved but it is not a 'trick' it takes practice, practice and more practice, Mike has described the mechanics very well above, the minds role is paramount in all of these tricks/feats I prefer the term exercises. Whoever is doing the pushing has a mind, their mind preceeds their body, when they start to push it is at the minds bidding, it is this that is redirected as Mike describes, through the path to ground, once the mind is 'earthed' for want of a better term the physical body is held until the mind is changed. The person doing the exercise practices having a calm immovable mind, as well as practices redirecting the mind/s of the 'pushers'. Relaxation of mind and body, simple.
No magic I'm afraid, just practice, practice and you've guessed it more practice, oh yes having a really good teacher that can do these things well every time without fail helps.

Tohei, learned his skills from O Sensei, and he passed them on to many people ( my teacher being one of them ), anyone having any contact with the 'Ki' people will know that these things are fairly commonplace and form the basis for Ki Aikido.


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