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Re: Being your own teacher

David Yap wrote:
You have to read my post entirely to understand my point. Perhaps as a non-native English speaker, I fail to express myself well enough - my apologies.
David, I did read your post completely. Perhaps you have concluded from mine that I am disagreeing with yours. Not true. I agree and support your views.

It is the general idea I often hear tossed about by others (not yourself) that we are doomed to lose the fundamental teachings of O'Sensei as time goes by that I take issue with. That will only happen if we as students don't diligently search for that knowledge in the variety of places it can be found.

Sorry if I sounded as though I was critical of YOUR views. I am only bristling at the suggestion that ignorance is somehow the inevitable result of the passage of time. History does not support that. My apologies if you took offense.
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