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Re: Been There, Done That Attitude

Michael O'Brien wrote:
I'm still personally really focusing right now on moving from the center all the time myself. As I'm out and about I try to focus on opening doors and things like that from my center as opposed to the old way of grab the handle and jerk. Does anyone else have any other specific ideas, exercises, etc that you would be willing to share to help in ki development, center movement, etc.
I'm really not a fan of insruction within this medium as I think it is an increadibly poor way to convey something that has to be physically understood, however, for me one of the breakthoughs in my aikido movement came when I realised that my arms were used to put my hands in a certain place in space, and very little else!
Try this: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and extend one hand out as if to shake the hand of an imaginary friend ( go on no one's looking! ) Now try to imagine that you have just come from hospital and that from the pelvis up you are in a full body cast and that your hand is fixed in that position. There are two more imaginary friends standing 90 degrees to the left and to the right of you, and you being the sociable chap that you are would like to shake hand with them. You only have two options, you can turn using your feet, changing posture by placing you feet to face each new direction, or you can swivel your hips using the knees. Either way your hand stays fixed on your centreline.
This way of moving feels odd at first but before long you can be making all sorts of shapes in the air with your hand without losing contact with your centre.

Dont forget to take off the imaginary body cast in social situations, you may get some odd looks otherwise

Hope this helps.


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