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David Yap
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Re: Being your own teacher

Mark Freeman wrote:
Leave the maths out of the dojo it will just get in the way of simple learning.

Good post David, it certainly got me thinking over my morning coffee,


Hi Mark,

It (the maths) did get to your attention though. I wanted to add in a 3rd and 4th set of matrices to discard the first set of equations but had a hard time typing them into columns here. So I decided to summarised by words in a paragraph for you guys to explore...

So, where are we as the next generations of students? Well, we have to put ourselves into the above matrix and we would at least acquire 25% of our primary instructor's instructions and teachings (and this includes his/her comprehension and misconceptions of the art). We need to spend 75% of our training time to polish our skill, figuring out the truth from the myths [sort, filter, keep and discard]. Besides starting with a good teacher (but not necessarily a good performer) which is the 25% part, what level we are at the moment will depend very much on our commitment and dedication to learning the art -- this 75% must be quality time shared with equally committed comrades.
Thanks for the response.


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