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David Yap
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Re: Being your own teacher

Clark Bateman wrote:
David, it's pretty much just my opinion, but I also have a hard time buying into the 25/75 mathematical construct you have exhibited. If factual, no martial art could have lasted more than 50 years, yet many are quite recognizable after hundreds of years.

It is not about the maths. It is about being your own teacher and you described the whole process being one in your post. The commitment to seek information/knowledge from books/websites etc., sought out other teachers to enhance your understanding and to add on the knowledge. This the 75% and you are right - there are no absolutes to start with.

The first matrix was a diversion - that's why I used the word "Seemingly". You have to read my post entirely to understand my point. Perhaps as a non-native English speaker, I fail to express myself well enough - my apologies.


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