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shitsumon ga arimasu.

I just need to know, why do people in general think of kiai as shouting or making noise?

By definition, there is nothing vocal about kiai. - kiai is harmonizing your spirit (your ki). Call it concentration power (shu-chu ryoku).

By kiai, you regain focus. By concentrating on one point (seika no itten), it is already kiai, or at least part of it. The point of kiai is actually to unify mind (spirit) and body.

One can shout as much or as loud as he wants when executing a technique, hitting or throwing as hard as possible, but the mind and body are separated, this is not kiai. But another meditates in silence, concentrating on one point, breathing, posture, balance, and unifying mind and body, this is kiai.

When one's surrounding is bothered by the shouting, it is probably caused by pointless shouting. But, when one's surrounding gets uplifted and be in high spirits, it is probably caused by a vocal kiai. That is one way to tell the difference between the two.

The strongest kiai is the silent kiai. Aikido cannot be devoid of kiai. This is because of this: How could one use the spirit of harmony, aiki, when one cannot unify (harmonize) one's own spirit, kiai.
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