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Re: Being your own teacher

David Yap wrote:
Seemingly from the mathematical POV, no one will ever surplus the level of O Sensei as illustrated by the following matrix:
Dear David,
"seemingly" is the important espression and it seems, that your aikido is better than your maths - or in other words: only 10% of your mathematic skills are learned at school, 90% came out of your own mind probably neglecting most basic rules.

I guess that was blunt enough - no offense, just pure aggression

"25% of aikido is learned from your teacher", does not tell you anything about how much that is in terms of the aikido skills of your teacher.

Some might get only 1% of his teacher's skills - adding another 3 times as much my own practice and experience that is 4% of his teacher's aikido skills. So he'd better play tennis

In the extreme end the teacher is great in teaching and the student very talented, she might get 100% of her teacher's aikido plus her own part, which is 4 times her teacher's skills.

So the fourth generation (O Sensei given number 0 generation) aikidoka might range from vanished up to 4*4*4*4, i.e. 256 times O Sensei's aikido level.

And even if someone thinks, that the level is quite low today, there is much room for improving for the next generations.

Sorry, David, I just wanted to make a point on the beginning, now I start to read the rest of your post

All the best

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